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Press Release

July 22, 2014

More than 100 Attend Rep. Susan Davis's Town Hall Meeting

SAN DIEGO Immigration, the economy, and veterans care were just a few of the issues on the docket at Congresswoman Susan Davis's (D-San Diego) signature Neighborhood Day.  Held on Monday night, July 21, about 130 constituents filled the auditorium at Garfield Elementary in San Diego for a town hall-style discussion with their local U.S. Representative.
“It’s always inspiring to see democracy in action and such a large turnout,” said Davis.  “Residents of the 53rd Congressional District are truly engaged in the issues of the day as demonstrated by the wide range of topics discussed.  I hope people will continue to stay in touch with me.”

Davis provided an update on Congress then took questions.  Originally planned for an hour, the meeting ran 40 minutes past the scheduled stop time to give as many attendees as possible a chance to ask a question or just express a viewpoint.

Other issues touched upon by Davis and her constituents were the national debt, mental health care, and campaign finance.

Davis has recently held her Neighborhood Days in Bonita and El Cajon.



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